Jackson in process of reworking his “Thriller” album


Singer tries to reinvent old ’80s hits
by Brandon Dunlap

Jackson, the “King of Pop,” is reviving his classic album, “Thriller,” supposedly working with producers such as will.i.am and Kanye West.

In a supreme effort to save what’s left of his shattered career and tarnished image, Jackson is remixing and updating some of his greatest work to change with the post-Moonwalk musical times. By adding some of today’s most revered artists, Jackson hopes to solidify his already iconic mark on popular music – while trying to add some much-needed cash in his silver-sparkling hands.

A remake of Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” has been rolling around many entertainment Web sites recently. The track features Akon yelping over a plain yet corny piano opening, then attempting to cover the track with minimal originality.

If I wanted to hear “Wanna Be Startin’ Something,” in the original capacity, I would opt to remove Akon’s pointless and cornball support. MJ must have gone down the list of performers on the Billboard Top 20 list and selected the most talentless ones.

What’s next, “Smooth Criminal” featuring T.I. and “Leave Me Alone” with T-Pain? (Not taking anything from these two.)

Wouldn’t it be better if MJ created more new music, instead of dwelling in his past feats? I guess as long as he and R. Kelly don’t remake “Trapped In The Closet” together, the kids are safe.

But I think he still has a few more “Hee, Hee“s and “Woo“s left to make an album – without employing every one-hit wonder in heavy radio rotation.

Akon shouldn’t have even sung a verse, since everything he sings sounds exactly the same.

He should’ve just stuck to the refrain, “Mama-se, mama-sa, ma-ma-koo-sa.”

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