Man builds own 80s Arcade

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Heaven in His ’80s Arcade
By Mike Musgrove
Sunday, February 3, 2008
 The private Luna City Arcade was built by Peter Hirschberg next to his Linden, Va., home to store his growing collection of '80s-era arcade games. 

Well, he did it.

Last time I wrote about Peter Hirschberg, a guy with a passion for restoring vintage, ’80s-era arcade games, he was toying with the notion of building a full-blown arcade next to his Linden home to store his growing collection.

And here it is. Finally, after a couple of years, a pile of money, and a struggle or two with contractors and local building regulations, Luna City Arcade is complete.

Missile Command, Space Invaders, Defender, Asteroids, Q*bert — all the old pizza parlor favorites are here, chirping away with the same old sounds and waiting for a quarter. Luna City, as he calls it, is Hirschberg’s personal time capsule: The walls of the 60- by 40-foot building are lined with posters for “Star Wars,” “Tron” and “Battlestar Galactica” (the original series, not the recent remake). The collection is up to 65 games at the moment, and another three are on the way.

“This is what heaven looks like,” said Hirschberg, as he welcomed a small group of my friends and me to his recent unofficial grand opening, where about 50 of his friends and co-workers, and their kids, showed up to play.

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