Paul Young- Stay forever young

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Stay forever Young

Paul hopes local fans will remember the songs and the words.
Paul hopes local fans will remember the songs and the words.

Back in the 1980s, Paul Young made hits that took him everywhere. Next month, he’ll be in Malaysia, one country he hasn’t visited. He tells SHUIB TAIB about then and now.

THE ’80s was marked by big hair, mullets, colourful outfits, chunky jewellery, carrot-cut pants, puffy sleeves, shoulder pads, high-cut sneakers, leggings and leg warmers — and also great music and evergreen songs.

For British singer Paul Young, who made hits like Everytime You Go Away and Wherever I Lay My Hat, the era was the highlight of his career.

“Before I was famous, I was with two other groups. I did a lot of touring and learnt how to enjoy being on the road. When I started to get hits as Paul Young, I enjoyed going on tours although there were people who found it very difficult.

“The best part of the ’80s was having hits that took me around the world. In fact, I’ve been to almost every country in Europe. Malaysia is one of the few countries that I haven’t been to and I’m looking forward to it,” said Young in a recent telephone interview from London.

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