Top Ten 80’s Movie Soundtracks

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Top Ten 80’s Movie Soundtracks


Kenny LogginsStarpulse recently ran a ‘Top Ten 80s Albums’ list, in which the inclusion of the Top Gun soundtrack inspired me to come up with a list of the “Top Ten 80s Movie Soundtracks.” After doing a little ‘freshening up,’ both through my own personal collection, growing-up-80’s memories and, oh, some website that has info about movies & music and the like, I’ve narrowed my list down to the top ten. (And no, “Top Gun” didn’t take my breath away and make it onto the list)

The main criteria used here is that only the film had to be released in the 80s, not the music contained on its soundtrack. I had a long, strong argument with myself to make it so that not only the film, but at least the majority of the music on the soundtrack, needed come out in the 80s, but scrapped that plan upon the realization that I couldn’t make this list without a couple of soundtracks from classic 80’s films for which the music was created in prior decades.

I excluded movie scores, as most were usually led by a fantastic theme song (Empire Strikes Back, Raiders Of The Lost Ark) followed by another hour or so of classical music that set the moods and tones of the film– not something you’d play every day beginning-to-end (unless you’re like me), or at a party; so we’ll save that list for another day. Plus, if I had done that the list would mostly be made up of John Williams, John Barry and James Horner movie themes.

See the list…

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