Monthly Archives: March 2008

Eddie Money going country?

Rocker Eddie Money is going country with a little help from his friends. Money is working on an album featuring “countrified” versions of some of his early hits and country… Read more »

Limahl’s story

His biggest hit ever was The Never Ending Story, and ironically enough, it was nearly the end to his story. After selling four million copies of the single, the artiste… Read more »

Turn back the clock

Calvin Hayes from “Johnny Hates Jazz” remembers the 80s… “IT’S very refreshing to see that the climate has changed,” says Calvin Hayes. “People now seem very interested in 1980s music…. Read more »

Robocop Is The Future Of MGM

The 80s are coming back with a vengeance as long forgotten, seminal science fiction properties get snapped up for revisiting. We’ve already told you about upcoming sequels to movies like… Read more »