Iron Maiden to allow free downloads of their best of the 80s Album!

Press Release from Iron Maiden:

Iron Maiden have prevailed over the world of heavy metal for almost thirty years, yet are also without doubt one of the most contemporary and exciting bands of the 21st century. And in their defiant spirit of overturning convention — from flying their own plane around the world on a record-breaking tour to selling over 70 million albums Worldwide without mainstream radio or TV support — today Iron Maiden announce a revolutionary new way of delivering music to their fans.

With the overwhelming success of the current ‘Somewhere Back In Time World Tour ’08’, and the recent No 1 selling DVD ‘Live After Death’, EMI Records are proud to release a very special album on CD and double picture disc vinyl on 12th May to chart the first decade of the band’s extraordinary career. The album celebrates the essence of the current tour by featuring most of the essential tracks from the band’s first seven studio albums and one live album, recorded between 1980 and 1989, and is aptly also entitled ‘SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME’ (full tracklisting below).

In an unprecedented move to let younger fans hear, understand and appreciate the quality of these recordings EMI launch the unique SOMEWHERE BEST IN SOUND whereby the curious/adventurous can download the entire album without charge from  as a high quality audio file (WMA) which is a typically powerful 320 kbps. Fans will then be able to listen to the entire album at their leisure three times before the download expires.  The listener is then given a simple option to upgrade and purchase the album as a full traditional DRM-free download (so they can then copy or do as they like with the album).

Read the full release…

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