Endeverafter updates ’80s hair metal


Younger fans of contemporary guitar music may not know this, but rock music actually used to be fun. Before Nirvana and Korn ushered in an extended golden age of alternately mopey and angry disenfranchisement, exiling rambunctious irresponsibility to the lands of punk and pop-country, hard rock was an altogether flashier and more carefree affair. The bands that ruled the airwaves from the style’s ’60s inception up through the alternative explosion of the ’90s reveled in tasting life’s pleasures rather than wallowing in its unfairness.  It’s an attitude largely missing from a genre that’s spent the last decade and a half exploring themes of frustration, alienation and loss.

A few years back, Grant, bored with the hardcore and emo he was playing, set out to start a group that evoked the celebratory abandon of the ’70s and ’80s hard rock acts he loved. It took more than a year of combing through the music scene in his hometown of Sacramento to find three rock musicians willing to abandon trendier styles in favor of a sound many proclaimed to be dead. But he eventually put together a group that wouldn’t look or sound too far out of place in the Sunset Strip clubs of Endeverafter’s adopted hometown of Los Angeles, back during Motley Crue’s reign.

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