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His biggest hit ever was The Never Ending Story, and ironically enough, it was nearly the end to his story. After selling four million copies of the single, the artiste known as Limahl just about disappeared from the face of music-dom, no thanks to some unfortunate management by his then record label.

It was indeed a sad state of affairs for the former lead singer of 80s band Kajagoogoo, with whom he had a hit called Too Shy. Soon after leaving the band, he had two big solo hits – Only For Love and the above-mentioned title theme song of the film The Never-Ending Story. Unfortunately, his debut album Don’t Suppose… was a commercial disaster, and that’s when his troubles began.




According to Limahl, whose real name is Christopher Hamill (his stage name is an anagram of his surname), he had recorded some new songs for another album, but it never saw the light of day. There was also a lot of politics involved with his record label then, and he eventually left to go to the United States where acclaimed producer Clive Davis promptly signed him on . Unfortunately, after spending around US$260,000 (RM824,000) recording six songs with him, he was inexplicably dropped from Davis’ label.

“I was so devastated by that, and by 1989 I was burnt out. I had written 15 songs for those records, and none were ever released. I thought at the time I couldn’t give anymore. I was so exhausted that I took two years off doing things that had nothing to do with music,” recalls the now 50-year-old artiste during the phone interview from his home in London.

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