Tears For Fears singer goes “Halfway” solo


Curt Smith has been one half of Tears For Fears, a radio show personality, MTV host and commercial songwriter. In May, when Smith releases “Halfway, pleased,” you can add solo artist to that list.

The Bath, England, native tells Billboard.com that now, at the age of 46, he has “come back to total self-indulgence” and finished the solo effort after four years of recording and promoting the Tears For Fears 2004 reunion album “Everybody Loves a Happy Ending.”

“The nature of Tears For Fears was there was always two of us,” says Smith, now a Los Angeles resident. Smith co-wrote tunes in Tears For Fears with Roland Orzabal. “It was about compromise. We all had to agree on all of it. Solo, you don’t have compromise. It gets back to what’s great when you’re a musician.”

The album will be self-released through his own KOOK Media label. His last project outside of Tears For Fears, the self-titled album from his collaboration with guitarist Charlton Pettus in the band Mayfield, was released in 1998.

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