Vote for the Greatest Power Ballad of the 1980s

CTV is having a vote for the top 80s Power Ballad:

Maybe it was under the twinkling gaze of a disco ball as you danced with your one true love in the middle of the high school gymnasium to Triumph’s ringing, bombastic ballad “Magic Power” or perhaps, it was as you bid farewell to that Grade 11 sweetheart to the sinewy melody of Def Leppard’s “Love Bites” that you fell in love with the Power Ballad.

But whatever the reason these so-called Stadium Anthems maintain a place in your heart – for their air guitar-inciting fury or the nostalgia of youthful heartache – they are impossible to forget and as such remain mainstays on classic rock stations the world over.

Anyone born between the years of 1965 and 1975, will, without a doubt, have a love-hate relationship with the Power Ballad. Depending on your perspective, the advent of these genre entries was a precursor to the demise of metal music as it was then known or an innovative way to bring a marginalized music to a whole new mainstream audience.

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