Midnight Oil Remastering 80s Catalog

Fans of the new Legacy Edition of Midnight Oil’s 1987 album “Diesel and Dust” have more updates of the Australian band’s vintage material to look forward to, guitarist Jim Moginie tells Billboard.com.

Moginie says Midnight Oil, which has been dormant since 2002 when frontman Peter Garrett left to concentrate on his political career, is in the process of remastering its six other pre-1990 albums, though they’ll be released only via iTunes rather than in physical form.

The band is focusing on its early releases, Moginie explains, because
“everything after [1990] tends to be good in terms of mastering.” He adds that “a lot of these [older] records were made for vinyl, so a lot of the frequencies were cut out ’cause there were certain sounds you couldn’t put on records. This is a good chance to get them back up to snuff, ’cause now we can make it as loud and big sounding as [we] want. It’s the audiophile nerd side of us that accounts for some of that.”

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