B-52s: ’80s band takes off again with new music and a tour


The B-52s and their frenzied music, including such hits as “Rock Lobster,” “Good Stuff” and “Love Shack,” turned radio listeners and concert attendees into dancing fools in the ’80s.

But by 1992, the band had experienced a mini cosmic meltdown.

“After finishing the ‘Good Stuff’ album and touring, I was feeling pressure – but it was self-imposed – to come up with a successful album following ‘Cosmic Thing,”‘ says guitarist Keith Strickland, 54.

“That was wrong. It caused a lot of anxiety in me. I had to take time away,” he says.

The other members – Kate Pierson, 59, Fred Schneider, 56, and Cindy Wilson, 51 – followed suit. But what was supposed to be a short break from recording lasted more than a decade.

“Everyone did their own thing, which was important,” Strickland says.

Strickland worked on music influenced by electronica and rock ‘n’ roll; Pierson and her girlfriend opened Kate’s Lazy Meadow, a motel in New York’s Catskill Mountains; Wilson formed the Cindy Wilson Band; and Schneider became a satellite radio DJ.

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