1980s hitmaker Duran Duran still walking the Red Carpet

 Singer Simon LeBon led Duran Duran through an energetic and classy selection of the band’s songs at the Agganis Arena in Boston, MA on May 28th.

At one point during the high-octane Duran Duran show at the Agganis Arena, Simon LeBon mused about the group’s unlikely recent collaborator.

“Who would’ve thought eight years ago that we’d be working with someone from N Sync,” he said, understandably marveling that in the year 2008 a turn-of-the-millennium boy-bander would help restore a sense of cool to the most stylish and unfairly maligned ’80s man-band.

With coproducing and writing credits – with pal Timbaland – on the band’s latest album, “Red Carpet Massacre,” Justin Timberlake joins a parade of recent Duran Duran credibility boosters such as the Killers and members of Tool.

In truth, the veteran Brits did not need the help then – since they were more adventurous and gifted than given credit for – and they do not need it now as they proved to have plenty of their own firepower to work with 27 years on. (They also sported full heads of hair and trim physiques, to the envy of some peers in the slightly more than half-capacity crowd.)

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