Top 18 80s Kids’ Cartoons

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 Hecklerspray has put together their list of the top 18 Cartoons from the 80s:

Remember when your parents used to tell that your childhood are the best days of your life?

 First of all, why did they do that? Were they just jealous? What did they think you would do with that information? What are you supposed to say to that?

Secondly, as much as it hurts to admit it, they were right.

Sure, being an adult has its advantages, right? You couldn’t drive a car, get drunk (legally) or have sex (again legally) when you were a kid.

In fact, you had put up with quite a lot of crap as a youngster, like the whole ‘no you are too young to go the pub’ thing and those tortuous Saturday afternoons spent being dragged around the shops by your mum looking for new shoes for school. (OK, there are a lot worse things about growing up, but these are the only two that are springing to mind at the moment).

The point is, despite all the growing pains, we all cherish our childhoods. Why? Because the world seemed a more exciting place, we guess.

Now, we’ve seen it all before; got the T-shirt. Then, you just couldn’t wait for the next non-school day. You only need to look at the fun we have had compiling these cartoons to tell how important they are to us.We all remember the days spent waiting for the next instalment of He-Man or Transformers.

We chose the eighties (i.e. cartoons which mainly ran during that decade), mainly because most of us grew up then, but also because it seems to be a golden era of cartoons. Or maybe we are getting too excited again. Bloody kids! Anyway, enjoy!

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