Take off… to the Great White North


Those hosers from the Great White North are making a comeback in animated form and the FOX network has reportedly signed on to help with development. According to The Hollywood Reporter, FOX is lending support in producing the pilot episode of Animax’s The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie, a new series based on characters Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas created for the 1980s Canadian sketch comedy show SCTV. The primetime toon is being produced for Canada’s Global Television, which has ordered 15 episodes for air in 2009.

The McKenzie Brothers were born in 1980 when the Emmy Award-winning SCTV ran on CBC and NBC. Originally designed as filler segments aimed at Canadian viewers, the “Great White North” skits quickly became the most popular part of the show and spawned a platinum selling, Grammy-nominated comedy album and a cult-favorite movie titled Strange Brew. More recently, Moranis and Thomas did a moose version of the act in the 2003 Disney animated feature Brother Bear.

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