G.I. Joe, Hulk bring ’80s back at Comic-Con


It’s not easy to move around Comic-Con’s crowded exhibition hall when you’re carrying six bags and a cardboard box full of stuff.  But Scott Zubrick, 30, doesn’t look at all inconvenienced as he lugs his packages around – he’s on a rush from being around so many toys.

Inside his bags he’s got the Comic-Con exclusive Marvel Legends Savage Land Box Set. Star Wars figures. An entire box full of Hulk stuff. And his favorite, an exclusive G.I. Joe Cobra Commander.

“I have a shopping list,” said the Las Vegas collector as he waited in the Mattel line. “I write down all the booth numbers and then prioritize them.”

Zubrick arrived at The Con with an $800 budget, and he plans to spend most of that on ’80s-era figures.

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