Go-Gos’ Carlisle is proud to be out of touch with U.S. music scene

 Belinda Carlisle

As she approaches 50, Belinda Carlisle sees things a bit differently from when she was a young musician on the way up in the ’80s.

For one thing, the former lead vocalist of the Go-Gos isn’t impressed with today’s U.S. music scene.

“The American music scene is much worse than in Europe,” Carlisle says during a recent telephone conversation from her home in London. “When I come to the States I don’t hear a lot of great stuff. I’m not into the ‘American Idol’ genre. I don’t think it’s healthy for music, and that seems to be what dominates the charts, that type of music. I would rather not listen to the radio if that’s what they’re going to play.

“Music is more about marketing than it is about artistry, which is the reason record companies are in the toilet. It’s not downloading that’s hurting them — they’ve forgotten what music is supposed to be. Now it’s more about showing the midriff or being shocking. Record companies are not interested in nurturing artists today. It’s about making an instant buck.”

But she admits she may be a little out of touch.

“I don’t have my finger on the pulse anymore. I’m a bit older now, a bit stodgy,” says Carlisle, whose milestone birthday is Aug. 16.

But she’s still rockin’.

Carlisle — sans Go-Gos — comes to Planet Hollywood on Saturday as part of Regeneration Tour 2008. The ’80s nostalgia tour also features the Human League, ABC, A Flock of Seagulls and Naked Eyes.

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