How the ’80s hair metal band make it big – again

 Motley Crue

Mick Mars, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Tommy Lee are all together (and according to the band, getting along swimmingly).

Mötley Crüe’s newest album debuted in the Billboard Chart’s top five, and the band is out on a wildly successful national tour. One might think it was 1986, if only for the fact that a big chunk of the Crüe’s newest fan-base wasn’t even born then.

“If you stick around long enough, people tend to re-discover you,” Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx says. “I remember about six or seven years ago, I was at a mall and I must have seen about 20 kids with Mötley Crüe’s t-shirts on. And it just kind of reinvents itself.”

The newest reinvention of the band is really a reformation: the new record Saints of Los Angeles is the first to feature the original lineup in over a decade.

“We want to be together,” says lead guitarist Mick Mars. “We’ve set out to be together since day one. There’s a lot of bands that have been together for three, four, five years and they’ve done their run. We’re one of the kind of bands that keep going, and changing, and keeping up with the times. Like the Stones, Aerosmith or U2, bands like that.”

But Mötley Crüe won’t change so much to the point of losing its edge, Sixx says, and the thought-process in producing the incessantly dirty Saints of Los Angeles is proof.

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