Judge Tosses Romantics’ Guitar Hero Lawsuit

 The Romantics

A judge thoroughly dismissed a lawsuit brought against the makers of Guitar Hero by the rock band The Romantics, saying the band didn’t even own publishing rights to the song “That’s What I Like About You” anymore and that their lead singer wasn’t even party to the suit. Talk about a nuisance case.The Romantics sued Guitar Hero developers Activision Blizzard and Harmonix (now part of MTV) for hiring a sound-alike band to record its ’79 song, “That’s What I Like About You,” for Guitar Hero Rocks the ’80s. But the judge found that the song was properly licensed for use in the game by  EMI Entertainment World, which owns the publishing rights to the song.

“Finding that the band had made deals in the ’70s with a record company and publishing company, who now owned the song and the master recording, and also finding that the lead singer was not a party to the lawsuit, the judge said ‘game over’ for the remaining members,” said William Hochberg, a Santa Monica-based entertainment lawyer who has covered Guitar Hero and Rock Band for Wired.com, via email.

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