Old 80s Video game system reappears on Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE

Who remembers the Atari vs Intellivision fight of the early 80s?  Atari was the more popular of the two, but any Intellivision fan will tell you that Intellivision had far better graphics and game play.   Now you can relive your youth, if you can deal with the dated graphics.

Microsoft has selected Intellivision Lives! for inclusion in Xbox Originals, part of the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The collection of over 60 classic Intellivision games plus many extras can be downloaded NOW for play on an Xbox 360 console for $15.

You can also find Intellivision lives for the Playstation.


And a 10 game version is available for the PC:
Intellivision Greatest Hits 20th Anniversary Edition – 10 Full Original Games

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