There’s one ’80s comeback trend that doesn’t deserve the cold shoulder


By now, you’ve probably heard the ’80s are making a comeback, from Molly Ringwald to Members Only jackets. But in fashion, you never wear a trend the same way twice (that’s how they keep us shopping). So, while cobalt blue and Pat Benatar’s rocker vibe look fresh again, leg warmers do not. And if there’s one past trend turned universal taboo, it’s shoulder pads.

Unless you talk to Christopher Hopkins. The Twin Cities “makeover guy” and author of “Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45” is seizing this season of pouffed sleeves and broad-shoulder jackets (thank Marc Jacobs for those) to advocate what he has believed even through years of slouchy tops and slinky dresses: Shoulder pads balance out heavy arms and full hips.

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