Dead or Alive frontman’s cosmetic surgery nightmare

 Dead or Alive

Pop star Pete Burns is in line for a £1million payout after a surgeon admitted botching cosmetic surgery on his lips, which ‘wrecked his career and life’.

The former Celebrity Big Brother contestant said he suffered horrific side effects from the ‘trout pout’, including painful swelling and blisters so severe he could not eat, drink or speak.

He claims he was left with weeping sores, felt suicidal and looked so ‘physically repulsive’ he could not leave the house for seven months.

Since the disastrous treatment by Dr Maurizio Viel, Mr Burns has undergone more than 100 further operations by specialists in Italy in an attempt to correct the damage, but has said he fears he will always be disfigured.

The flamboyant singer, who found fame in Eighties band Dead Or Alive, is guaranteed to receive damages after lawyers acting for the Harley Street doctor admitted liability on his behalf.

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