“Dynasty” Diva Joan Collins: An ’80s Icon

 Joan Collins of Dynasty

Actress Joan Collins, who played Alexis Carrington, John Forsythe’s vindictive ex wife on “Dynasty,” helped to set the bar when it came to malicious scheming, cat-fighting and starting fashion trends.

Today, Collins continues to challenge herself with writing books and columns, as well as roles on television and the big screen.

The legendary 75-year-old actress sat down with Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith to chat about her iconic status during the ’80s and dish on her secret to looking youthful.

“It seems like a lifetime ago. Really, so much water has gone under the bridge, I’ve done so much. At the same time, when I see those pictures, it doesn’t seem like it was so long ago at all. Except, I don’t remember any of the clothes. I don’t remember any of those things. Did I really wear that? Would I have actually been persuaded to put on that thing?” Collins said.

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