Why the old school teen movies are still top of the class

Breakfast Club

Let’s take a journey back in time, back before YouTube, The OC, gross-out comedy, Judd Apatow and High School Musicals.

It’s the mid-1980s, post- modern irony has yet to be invented and one man is creating the movies and soundtrack for a generation.

Ferris Bueller is about to have a day off, Molly Ringwald looks pretty in pink and a bunch of grumpy teens in an anytown US high school will somehow speak for their angst and acne-ridden brethren on our side of the Atlantic.

The man in question is writer/director John Hughes.

And the teen movies he made, which have just been given the box-set treatment, helped define the times for everybody who grew up in the ’80s.

Hughes was directly responsible for the teen movie classics Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club.

The Chicago-born teen-movie auteur introduced a new generation of young actors who would form the nucleus of the Brat Pack and star in other ’80s classics such as St Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night and Say Anything.

Most, like Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Molly Ringwald and Emilio Estevez, struggled to sustain their success once out of their teens.

A few, like Ferris Bueller star Matthew Broderick, would have long careers but would never again get the kind of roles Hughes offered them in their teens.

The soundtracks would make songs like Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me and Pretty In Pink (from obscure English New Wavers Psychedelic Furs) classic songs of the decade.

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