Where are they now: The cast of 80s hit Fame

It was the television and movie phenomenon that influenced fashion for a generation and had us all rushing out to buy leggings and leg warmers.

Now, more than a quarter of a century after Fame first hit our cinemas and TV screens, it’s about to become cool all over again thanks to a new documentary on television.

Justin Lee Collins hosts Bring Back Fame , where he celebrates the classic story of talented teens learning their steps at the New York High School of Performing Arts and tries to reunite the cast.

The Fame phenomenon started off life as a musical movie in 1980, directed by British mogul Alan Parker – who also made Bugsy Malone and The Commitments – and starred singer Irene Cara, who also sang the title track, which won an Oscar.

The movie was such a hit that a TV series was commissioned, with many of the movie cast taking part.

It went on to enjoy six successful seasons and spawned several singles and albums.

The leg warmer and leggings craze of Eighties fashion can be traced to the show, with the dancing and performing kids all strutting their TV stuff in the scratchy garments.

And even when the show finally passed its sell-by date in 1987, the legend of the programme and movie continued in repeats and, recently, a sell-out musical stage show.

The continuing popularity of the Fame brand has led to a big-budget remake of the movie. It is one of the most eagerly-awaited summer releases of 2009, with Kelsey Grammer starring as a teacher and Debbie Allen returning as the headmistress.

But what has happened to the rest of the cast since the Eighties?

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