Classic 80’s film dances onto the stage.

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Love “Dirty Dancing?” Thank Michael Douglas.

The “Wall Street” star’s bump-and-grind with Jill Clayburgh was cut from an obscure ’80s flick, leading the way for the cult-classic dance movie to be made, according to creator Eleanor Bergstein.

More than two decades after it turned the innocent middle-school dance into an R-rated afternoon, “Dirty Dancing” leaps off the big screen and onto the stage, making its East Coast premiere at the Boston Opera House on Saturday.

In fact, “Dirty Dancing” has a few dirty little secrets, according to screenwriter Bergstein, who based the movie on her formative years.

“My first movie was ‘It’s My Turn’ and Michael and Jill were in a scene where they go to bed, but before they do, they do this dirty dancing scene,” she said. “I taught Michael and Jill and the crew how to dirty dance and just as they were about to shoot the scene, they decided they didn’t need it. So he just unbuttoned her blouse.”

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