Taylor Dayne to appear on TV Land’s High School Reunion

Taylor Dayne will sing her 80s hit “Tell it to my Heart” on the April 8th season finale of High School Reunion.

From the Press Release put out by TV Land:
In the season finale, as the reunion comes to an end, the classmates decide to revive their high school tradition of having a sleepover on the football field the night before the prom. The excitement of the prom is building but with not enough guys to go around, the Chandler girls begin to wonder who will be asked to the prom and who will have to go stag. At the prom, Scott W., “The Skate Punk,” continues to struggle with his feelings for Maricela, “The Outcast,” and Andrew, “The Band Geek,” receives the surprise of his life from his high school crush. The class is shocked when singing sensation Taylor Dayne makes a surprise appearance and wows them with a performance. Finally, on the last day of the reunion, as the classmates pack their bags and say their tearful goodbyes, Tom, “The Jock,” and Kara, “The Homecoming Queen,” stay behind to make a decision that will change their lives forever.

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