The Hottest ’80s Video Vixens

Ah, the good ol’ days. MTV played videos, and those videos featured real people.

Better yet, most of those real people were hot-looking women who really had no business being in a video. Except for the fact that they were hot.

In all honesty, some weren’t that hot.

Still, it was an ’80s hallmark: the video vixen who distracted us from the band that was always a little self-conscious in front of the camera.  You must remember, this was a pre-“American Idol” world, where musicians actually preferred singing for real in front of a crowd instead of lip-synching on camera (yes, I realize no one lip-synchs on “Idol,” but you get my point).

The ’80s video vixen kept the lame plots moving along. Every ’80s video had to have a lame plot. Remember “Hello,” where Lionel Richie was hot for the blind art student sculpting a bust of his head? Genius. Or Bruce Springsteen’s gripping portrayal of an auto mechanic who longs for the woman with the busted Thunderbird in “I’m on Fire?” High drama.

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