Remembering Opus and Bloom County

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If you were like me in the 80s,  you would wake up Sunday morning, grab the paper, and skip directly to the comic strips to get your Bloom County fix.  What predicament was Opus the penguin going to get himself into this time?  Did Bill the Cat win the election?  What scheme is Steve Dallas running?  Bloom County was the top comic strip of the 80s.  Berkeley Breathed started the comic in 1980 and ended it in 1989, so it is about as 80s as you get.  The LA Times has a great article on Berkeley Breathed and Bloom County in their entertainment section.  It brought back a lot of great memories.  If you are a fan of Bloom County than you should definitely check it out.. and if not, well in the words of the Bill the Cat: “Pbthhh!”

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