Halloween costumes have an ‘80s feel this year

From The Patriot Ledger:

Darth Vader, Batman, and Harry Potter are perennial favorites for trick-or-treaters. This year, however, nostalgia for the 1980s – that bygone age of leggings and big hair – will unleash an army of Material Girls and Gloved Ones on Halloween, according to costume store owners.

“We’re selling lots of headbands and bright colors in that retro ’80s theme,” said Dorice Dionne, senior vice president of merchandising at the Dedham-based iParty chain. “Kids reflect their parents’ experiences in their costumes.”

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1 thought on “Halloween costumes have an ‘80s feel this year

  1. Cheryll Annen

    I really liked reading this. I think it’s going to go really good with the handmade accessories I saw on etsy.com/shop/FlosCaeli I buy the majority of my headbands, necklaces, etc there.


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