Wang Chung touring again in 2010 and giving out free downloads to celebrate

Can You Tell Me What a Wang Chung is?

 “I was Abducted By The 80’s.  I never saw them coming. I was on my way home one night at about three in the morning, Minding my own business when BAM! Without warning I was being catapulted from scene to scene, To the music from The A-Team dressed for all the world like a new romantic feeling a bit sad and starting to look it, With some pointy shiny shoes, And a Mel Gibson mullet. I Was Abducted By The 80’s.”

Wang Chung have been abducted, as you can probably tell.  To join them on this first step of their adventure, the band have set up a portal for you to follow their experience in this newfound musical universe.

Already legendary for their name alone, the band are intending to embrace this new cosmic trip with a series of free downloads, starting with the soundtrack to Rob Gee’s poem ‘Abducted By The 80’s’, which is available for free download from

Working in tandem with this new material, Wang Chung will also be releasing new versions of their greatest hits, including ‘Dance Hall Days’, ‘Everybody Have Fun Tonight’ and ‘Let’s Go!’. These will work in tandem with the upcoming releases as one, grand souvenir package.

Their cosmic adventure began with their featured role in the Regeneration Tour  with the band ABC in 2009. Since then, Nick Feldman and Jack Hues have been working and sculpting their new material, culminating in this new series of songs.

The band will also be touring the US during June and July to support this combination of old and new where their beloved fans will have more than just music as a memento from their sonic quest.

Download Wang Chung’s Abducted by the ’80s now!

Tour Dates:

June 10 – Anthology, San Diego, California

June 11 – Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, California

June 12 –  Brixton, Redondo Beach, California

June 13 – Lou Bredlow Pavilion, Woodland Hills, California

June 16 – Skye, Phoenix, Arizona

June 18 – Slims, San Francisco, California

June 19 – Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, Oregon

June 21 – El Corazon, Seattle, Washington

June 24 – Waterfest Leech Apmphitheatre, Oshkoshh, Wisconsin

June 25 – CANS Stage, Chicago Fest, Chicago, Illinois

June 27 – Magic Bag, Detroit, Michigan

June 28 – Rex, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

June 30 – Musica, Akron, Ohio

July 1 – Sunset Beach Club, Buffalo, New York

July 2 – Hayes Apperton Festival, Kokomo, Indiana

July 7 – BB Kings, NYC, New York

July 8 – Wolf Den/Mohegan Sun, Wolf Den, Conneticut

July 9 – Showcase Live, Boston, Massachusetts

July 10 – Sellersville Theatre, Sellersville, Pennsylvania

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