This Song has a Reason to Celebrate …….

KIMBERLEY REW, the celebrated musician and songwriter behind the renowned song, “WALKING ON SUNSHINE,” is excited to announce the celebration of its 25th Anniversary this year. The song has accomplished so many incredible milestones during the past twenty-five years including but not limited to being placed BACK in the top ten spot in the UK at the beginning of March – the first time the song has been in the Top 10 since 1985.
 “Walking On Sunshine” turned into a worldwide phenomenon after its Capitol Records release in 1985, earning top ten spots around the globe.  It instantly took the #8 spot in the UK, #9 spot in the United States, and the #4 in Australia. Since then, the song has been broadcasted over 2,000,000 times in the U.S. and was THE HIGHEST PLAYED TRACK on radio in the summer of 2008 – 23 years after its release!
Over the past twenty-five years, Rew’s “Walking On Sunshine” has been featured in an assortment of Hollywood motion pictures, including being danced to on-screen by John Travolta (Look Who’s Talking, 1989), Michael J. Fox (Secret of My Success, 1987), and Jack Black (High Fidelity, 2000). Dolly Parton covered the song on her 1996 cover album, Treasures, and it was recently covered again this past year in the hit FOX show, Glee, as well as on American Idol. It is also featured as one of the songs you can play along to on Band Hero. “Walking On Sunshine” has been used in several large, worldwide campaigns including commercials for Fisher Price and Opel cars in France.  Alex Cooper, drummer and founding member of the band states, “Being part of a pop ‘classic’ is a huge source of pride to all in the band – and don’t it feel good?  YES IT DOES!”
 The countless number of successes of this extraordinary track makes its lead singer Katrina Leskanich, very proud.  Katrina states, “I have performed ‘Walking On Sunshine’ for so many years in so many different countries that it’s become the one constant in my life and the one thing I can count on to bring happiness to myself and others.”

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