New TV show ‘Glory Daze’ takes you back to the ’80s!

Tim Jo’s role in Glory Daze, a comedy about college fraternity life in the 1980s, has the Dallas-born actor feeling nostalgic for the decade of the Walkman, “Brat Pack” flicks and Miami Vice menswear.

He was just a child during that decade. “But that time really hits home with me and just about everyone my age,” Jo says. “The music, the movies, the clothes, everything. Pop culture now is so ’80s.”

The nostalgia factor alone gives Jo high hopes for his first TV series, which premieres at 9 p.m. Tuesday on TBS.

But Glory Daze has something else going for it, too. The show is a celebration of all the things guys lovingly remember about frat life: good friends, hot girls, endless beer and deliriously stupid behavior.

Jo plays Alex Chang, one of several wide-eyed freshmen on an Indiana college campus in 1986. His buddies wind up pledging to the unruly Omega Sig house. But Chang hooks up with an Asian fraternity, which publicly perpetuates Asian student stereotypes while secretly hosting decadent parties every night.

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