Black Eyed Peas Mine The ’80s For The Beginning

With their feel-good party anthems, the Black Eyed Peas have never had a problem bridging the generation gap. And on their upcoming album, The Beginning, the group infuses their modern sound with classic ’80s songs.

In the latest issue of SPIN, frontman says that the album, due out on November 30, was recorded in hotel rooms around the world during BEP’s last world tour.

“Our last record was just, ‘Yo! We’re making crazy beats — party, party, party!’ ” told the magazine. “This one is more inspired by electro and dance music — it’s the only thing alive at the moment. There are some songs where we’re going all the way, but we mix it up. Some songs are 120 BPM and others are like 320.”

The bandmates revealed that they’re big fans of ’80s music and pop culture and wanted to connect past and present on this LP.

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