80s Music Videos with a Halloween Theme

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80s Halloween Videos

Huey Lewis Halloween Themed Video

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  It is one of our favorite holidays here at TheGreat80s.  We are having our annual Halloween Party on The 80s Music Video Station on Saturday, October 27th at 8pm EST.  It is always one of the most popular nights of the year on the station.  To get everyone in the mood, we are going to list some of our favorite non-horror movie Halloween themed 80s music videos.   That is 80s music videos that have a halloween theme not basSo get ready to get spooked, because here we go!

Huey Lewis and The News – Doing It All For My Baby
In this video, Huey and the gang break down and end up looking for help in a spooky castle:


Eddie Money – Think I’m in Love
A great Dracula theme video from Eddie Money:


Sheena Easton – Telephone (Long Distance Love Affair)
Sheena apparently thinks a graveyard is the perfect place to find a telephone:


ZZ Top – TV Dinners
This video will make you think twice before popping a Swanson’s TV Dinner into the microwave! Who remembers the tinfoil based TV Dinners?


Billy Idol – Dancing with Myself
Billy is dancing with himself while being chased by a horde of zombies


Michael Jackson – Thriller
Speaking of zombies.. What Halloween flashback to the 80s would be complete without Michael and his dancing zombies?

Well there you have it.  Our favorite non-horror movie Halloween themed 80s Music Videos.   For more 80s Halloween themed videos, make sure to tune in to The 80s Music Video Station on Saturday, October 27th.  Starting at 8pm, we will be playing these and all of the other 80s Halloween themed music videos.   We will also be flashing back to 80s Halloween themed TV shows, commercials, and the great 80s Horror Movies.   It is not a night to be missed!   See you all there.. if you dare..  muahhhhhhhhhahahahahha (scary Halloween laugh).

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