UK Ultravox fans campaigning to take the classic song “Vienna” to number one 30 years after its release

From the founder of the campaign, Martin Slade:

In 1981 – almost thirty years ago – seminal synth-rock band Ultravox released the single ‘Vienna’ to rave reviews for its epic sound, moody strings and those amazing two words of Midge Ure’s “Oh, Vienna!”.

Vienna’s release was on a collision course with another single that would result in there being only one winner in the war to reach the number one spot in the UK charts. That single was ‘Shaddap You Face’ by comedian/actor Joe Dolce.

As history shows, the novelty single won and one of the greatest songs of the whole decade – if not one of the greatest songs ever – failed to reach the top.

I have nothing against Mr Dolce apart from ‘Shaddap’ in fact I always thought it was a memorable, fun song, worthy of the upper echelons of the charts. I just wish it had been released a few months earlier or later!

Nowadays of course, we as members of the public have so much power over what enters the charts. No longer are we bound by what the record companies release on single to govern what we buy; We have the glorious download, meaning that we have the power to control the charts ourselves.

So, this is what I propose:
During the end of March 2010 we tell as many people as we can to download Vienna from iTunes, Amazon, HMV, Play, wherever you can as long as it is a British-based download site (and it’s legal of course). Downloading commences Mon 29th March 2010 until Sat 3rd April 2010.

We need to get as many people as possible involved – especially those in a position to influence others. Lobby your local DJ, lobby Ken Bruce, lobby Chris Moyles, lobby Chris Evans, lobby Dr Fox, lobby EVERYBODY you can think of who can help to publicise this event.

And let’s all get VIENNA to its rightful place so that history can show that this amazing record and video did in fact reach the very top of the UK singles charts, albeit almost thirty years after its first release.

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1 thought on “UK Ultravox fans campaigning to take the classic song “Vienna” to number one 30 years after its release

  1. Sergio

    Sou brasileiro (Brazil) e esta musica Vienna é um classico do new wave por aqui também!
    A musica Hymn é muito boa também, mas nao fez tanto sucesso por aqui.


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